Jame is a band featuring Jake Moffett and Keagan O’Brien. Jame is a pop ballad singer based in Portland, Oregon.

Location: Portland, OR

Genre: Queer electro-power pop

Years Active: 2017-present

Label: Unsigned

Site: jame.live

Contact: jame.pdx@gmail.com


Short Bio: Jame is electro-pop singer Jake Moffett. Keagan O'Brien works the synths and drums. Jame takes inspiration from Years and Years, Elton John, Adele, and Fleetwood Mac, in addition to avant garde fashion, plants, and the LGBTQ community. 

He is also the co-coordinator of OUT/LOUD, Portland’s bimonthly celebration of queer live music.

Recent Press: The second act of the night was Jame. His music is self-described as "Queer power pop you belt while descending a marble staircase in your favorite cloak." And that is no exaggeration. Slow and emotional, his music has a massive presence.

Jame's voice is electrifying, with a range that is haunting and sends shivers down your spine within five seconds of listening. The saxophone accompaniment by Joshua Davis was perfect, with flirty fills that bring life to the songs. He played a new song for the first time live called "Skin" that was simply mesmerizing.

Before introducing that number, he had some positive words about Portland's new queer showcase, "This is so special to me to have a night of queer music."


Jake Mason Moffett | Lead Vocals

Keagan O'Brien | Drums, Synth


Upcoming Shows:

Hawthorne Hideaway - 5/25

Kelly’s Olympian - 6/13

;) - 6/14

Holocene - 7/3

Mississippi Studios - 7/16

The Cruz Room - 8/1

Past Shows:

NYC Folk Festival - 9/16/17

Knockout Taco - 1/20/18 and 3/17/18

Liquor Store - 2/6/18

Firkin Tavern - 3/23/18

Firkin Tavern - 8/31/18

The Fixin’ To - 9/17/18

Watershed PDX - 9/30/18

Honeyhive PDX - 11/15/18 and 11/30/18

Private House Show - 12/29/18

The Big Legrowlski (acoustic) 2/22/19

Waypost 2/25/19

Kelly’s Olympian 3/14

Spectrum (Eugene, OR) 3/16

Rockwood Music Hall (NYC) 3/25

Holocene 4/4 (opening for Marley Carroll & Little People)

Out/Loud Music Fest - 4/24

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